Oh boy, Finals are coming.

To all of our lovely supporters, Thank you. We had a ton of fun writing each other’s bios in the previous three posts, and we hope you will take the time to briefly get to know our team. In the coming weeks, we will continue to prepare for our trip this summer, both mentaly and spiritually, and would continue to appreciate your prayers in regards to that. However, with the stress of finals, we would also ask that you pray for peace, clarity of mind, and focus as we push toward the finish of this quarter. We are excited to continue to develop our friendships with each other, and with our host organization. Keep checking back for more updates. Again, we appreciate your prayers and support, acknowledging that without it, none of this would be possible.


Meet the Team: Andrea



In this post, you have the awesome opportunity to meet Andrea Leach! Andrea enjoys long walks in the woods…most people call that a hike. She is a junior here at SPU, and is a Christian Scriptures major. She is also a Peer Advisor on Second West Emerson. Her spirit animal is the caring elephant because she cares about people. She is extremely compassionate and is family orientated, much like the elephant. Her favorite color is blue, like the sky, but not the Seattle grey, but the California blue because she is from California. Andrea is extremely excited to go to Cambodia this summer to be challenged to grow spiritually and to learn about Cambodian culture.

Meet the Team: Anna



In this post, you get pleasure of meeting Anna Zawadzki, a freshman here at SPU who is an intended Nursing Major. In her own words, Anna “enjoys long walks to the fridge,” hopefully to discover pizza or ice cream, her favorite foods. Anna is sometimes quiet, but always friendly, and will pull out sass or sarcasm when you least expect it, much to the enjoyment of her teammates. She is full of suprises (good ones).  Her favorite color is blue, like the ocean. Anna is excited to grow and be exposed to new things as she serves in Cambodia this summer.

Meet the Team: It’s Money Time!


In this post you get to meet Monica Echegaray, aka Money. Money enjoys longs walks on the beach, speaking whale, and playing sports. In fact, Money loves Sports so much, that she is an Excercise Science Major. Ironically, Money is anaphlactically  allergic to excercise. She also enjoys making up words… anaphlactically anyone? She is a Junior here at SPU and has spent the last year serving as a Peer Advidsor on Second Moyer. Most importantly, her favorite color is green, like the forest. She is excited about the opportunity to serve God through serving others in Cambodia this summer.