Meet the Team: Brianna

1385835_10200122729185891_906394006_nNow you have the pleasant pleasure of meeting the dear and wonderful Brianna Stepper. She is a sophomore majoring in Exercise Science. Brianna’s favorite color is the rainbow because she believes all colors are equal (she doesn’t have a favorite color). Brianna enjoys to run, watch movies (funny movies, especially Nachoooooooo Libreeeeee, and Pride and Prejudice are her favorites), go dumpster diving (test that immune system), and balancing her checkbook on an abacus. Miss Stepper (she will only be Miss Stepper for a few more months and then she will be Ms. Guiterrez). Brianna is excited to go to Cambodia to serve God in a more tangible way, to teach the kids swimming and PE, and to experience God in a new and different culture.


Meet the Team: Rachael

Hey Y’all!

Today you get to meet the lovely and brilliant Rachael Dodrill! Rachael is from the far off land of Colorado where the mountains are cold and the sandwiches are hot! Her favorite color is purple just because why not? She wants to teach tots and learn them lots and lots! We know that’s not proper grammar-have you ever seen Rachael hold a hammer? Friends and family are number one- going on adventures is a lot of FUN! If you see a familiar face and it isn’t this particular ace (insert rhyme about how Rachael has a twin brother).

Rachael is a Freshman, majoring in Elementary Education. She is super excited to serve in Cambodia this summer. She looks forward to learning a new culture and seeing new ways in which God will challenge her. While in Cambodia Rachael will be teaching PK/Kindergarten which is she really looking forward to. Please remember to keep Rachael and the rest of the team in your prayers as we embark on this new adventure!