Happy Friday!

Wrapping up our fist week in Cambodia! It is hard to believe we have been here for a week already! Classes finished up nicely and the kids were sad to go home for the weekend but we will see them on Monday morning. We finished our week long VBS that we have been leading. It was really hard to say goodbye to the children we have grown so fond of. Today was made extra special by talking about Jesus walking on water, Oreos, and bubbles at VBS! Going into the weekend we are looking forward to some good REST! Tomorrow we will venture to the Russian market and later this weekend be shown more of the city by our host. Thank you for your  continued prayers and support, at the moment we are in need of rest, creating lesson plans, and for continued health for our team. You are in our thoughts and prayers as we are in yours.



What Time is it?

Oops! This was supposed to be our first post Sunday night but it just now got posted.

Hello friends and family!

After having a bit of slow morning we were able to get settled into the sanctuary where we will be staying for the rest of our trip. Then we took a little tour on foot of the neighborhood and saw where Andrea, Money, and Nikky will be teaching. After grabbing some lunch we then had a very lovely presentation on the culture of Cambodia. Around 4pm we left for church and then had dinner at a place called Mikes Burger which is modeled after In-N-Out (it’s very famous check it out!). We are all very much jet lagged and in need of a good night’s sleep! Tomorrow we will have a tour of Asian Hope and meet our fellow teachers. We will keep you all updated after our first full day of teaching on Tuesday! Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.

Below is a picture of the room we are residing in. Enjoy!


First Day of School!!!

Today was our first day of school, Nemo. Andrea and Monica/Money go to Asian Hope International School (AHIS), while Brianna and Rachael go to Logos International. We have a fifth member, Nikky, who is from the Asian Hope center in Colorado and she serves with Andrea and Money at AHIS. We were able to meet all of our students that we will be working with for the next month at the international schools. After our first teaching sessions are over, we eat lunch and then meet up to teach a VBS at Toul Kork for two hours. We are very tired after teaching English and have very little energy to offer the precious children at the VBS. Please pray that God gives us strength and sustained energy to make it through the day. We are weary but we are enjoying are time and are greatful for the opportunity to serve. We’re posting some pictures of the VBS.ImageImageImage

They’ve arrived!

Hello friends!

I just received this email from the team:

“We are here safely! 11-ish pm Cambodian time and ready to sleep. ”

Tomorrow they’ll get an orientation to Asian Hope’s work and finish planning lessons for Monday’s classes. They’ll post an update soon.

Thanks for your support of these students!


And We’re Off!!!

Friends and Family!

Today is the day! We are off to Cambodia! We are so excited for the next month of service, and we ask you to partner along side us in prayer as we begin, and through the entire time we are gone.


Specifically right now, we would appreciate prayers for safe travel. We are taking various flights to Seoul, South Korea, where we will meet up as a team. From there we will travel to Phnom Penh together, where we will be picked up by our host.

Please  also continue to pray that our hearts are ready for the month of service we are doing, that the message we carry would fall on ears ready to hear, and that we would live boldly and wisely for God’s glory. Ultimately, our long term goal is to further God’s kingdom by providing encouragement and help to the people.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we begin this adventure! We will post when we arrive safely in Cambodia. Thank you!

There they go!

Today the team begins their travel to Cambodia! Rachael and Brianna connected at SeaTac Airport; Andrea and Monica met in Los Angeles. The entire team will meet in Seoul tomorrow morning.

Over the next month the team will assist with English language classes and children’s Bible programs in Phnom Penh. We’ll keep you updated on the blog!

Here’s a picture of Brianna and Rachael at their airport departure.