We’re so exhausted we can’t even think title so insert a witty and humorous title here.

Many things have happened since our last post. We have been very busy and have not had time to update our blog. Last weekend we were able to go to the Russian Market with one of our hosts. The Russian Market is a huge place filled with many cheap and beautiful items. We were also able to go to a restaurant called Jars of Clay which was owned by Christians and created to give jobs to the women of Cambodia. They had delicious food and great smoothies to cool us off after shopping at the market. That night we went down to the waterfront and ate a restaurant that overlooked the river. Sunday morning we went to get pho with the other teachers who are also teaching at the schools we are. It has been very enjoyable getting to know the other teachers! We also went to church at Logos School where Rachael and Brianna are teaching.

Starting on Monday, following our daily teaching, we have been helping out at a new school painting and preparing the classroom for the students due fall. All of us have been dirty and sweaty from our hard work but are loving every minute of it! We have also had our first encounter with a real Cambodian insect. In the words of Monica/ Money “it is a Godzilla, cricket, scorpion, cockroach, pincher dude.” It was an adventure trying to kill it and took three shoes and a cookie. This weekend we are headed to Siem Reap and are all looking forward to it. Please pray for safe travels and continued health. Leer-hye!! (Khmer for goodbye)



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