Siem Reap- Thailand Lost the Battle

This weekend our team traveled to Siem Reap in northeast Cambodia. Siem was the word for Thai before Thailand was the title. Reap means lost the battle. So the city is where Thailand lost the battle to Cambodia. Siem Reap is believed to be the site of the original Khmer civilization. We left Friday afternoon after teaching our classes and returned late Sunday night. Friday, we visited the night market and Pub Street, which is the main strip in Siem Reap that  has a plethora of market, stores, vendors, and restaurants.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to tour Angkor Wat,  which is a historical site that has over 200 ancient temples, though we only visited four. We learned a lot about the history of the people, the architecture, and the main religions of Cambodia. We learned that Angkor means city and Wat means temple, so City Temple or Temple of Cities. Angkor Wat began as a Hindu temple, but as new kings of Buddhist religion took over, they changed it to Buddhist temples. When power rotated to Hindu kings, they destroyed Buddhist influence in the temples. IT WAS SO HOT! BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! We apologize for all the sweaty, shinny pictures. After a long day of walking, we all enjoyed foot massages, and some of us even got our feet massaged and pedicured by fish. Tickle tickle little fishies (must say in Gru accent)!

1    P1020285

Sunday, we went on a boat to the Floating Village. It was so amazing to see how people live their lives completely on the water. We saw a floating school, police station, and crocodile farm! After returning we took a cooking class and learned how to make traditional Khmer foods! This was so much fun and we had a blast making fresh spring rolls and chicken amok. Once we finished up eating our delicious meal we headed to the airport and eventually home. We all enjoyed our time at Siem Reap and the many adventures we experienced.

P1020299   IMG_0767

We appreciate all your continued prayers and thoughts during our time here. Please continue to pray for energy and new ways we can serve those around us.


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