The (Not-So) Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hooray! Everyone who was sick have now recovered after our three day weekend. So thank you for your prayers. We were able to relax and see a movie on Friday. On a scale of 1 to 5, we give How to Train Your Dragon 2 a chuckle and a ha…because it’s puny. Get it? Because dragons have scales. Okay, anyway. That was really all we did Friday because that was our day of rest. But lots of team bonding time.

On Saturday we visited the killing fields in Choeung Ek. Even though it was VERY hard to see, it helped us to understand Khmer (Cambodian) history and culture. Because the genocide was relatively recent, it was so important for us to see in order to understand the Khmer people that we see and interact with on a day-to-day basis. It’s also very important to the people of Cambodia that the world understands what happened in their country, not only to understand their loss, but to prevent future tragedies around the world. They globally promote genocide awareness by remembering the horrors of  their genocide.

This weekend at church the pastor spoke of how Gods’ work is done through God’s people. God’s people are able to do His work through prayer and their willingness to be open to opportunities that God presents in day-to-day life. Although the Cambodian church is small, we have come to see the Christians here are very hopeful and resilient people in the midst of difficult circumstances, such as the aftermath of the Pol Pot regime and dark spirituality. The people have unwavering faith in Gods transformative power to redeem and restore shit (pardon the language, but there are really no words to describe the depths of their pain). We see this faith in the schools we serve which are Christian organizations that equip young people to do God’s work. The schools recognize that Cambodia’s future is with the youth and want to empower and equip them for the future.

A crazy and adventurous activity we did this weekend was to experience a certain type of cuisine. Some were nervous, some were scared, some were excited, but in the end, on the count of three, we all consumed, ze tarantula. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we ate ze tarantulas. Deep fried, topped with lime and pepper sauce, they actually didn’t taste that bad. A word of caution, bring floss with you to make sure you can get all the legs and hairs out of your teeth. In the modified words of Timone the meerecat – “Luau! If you’re hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat, eat my buddy tarantula here, he is a treat.”

s2                P1020321

P1020328      s1

In terms of activities and ministries this week, it looks very similar to last week with morning lessons, afternoon swim lessons, and night VBS. Please continue to pray for energy and motivation so that we will not grow apathetic. We want to continue to be present here during our last week here, rather than just looking forward to being home (though we are all excited to see friends and family).


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