12 Hour Layover, Part 1: 15 Tips to Survive in Cambodia

1. Bring peanut butter and use it generously on everything…unless you’re allergic to it, of course.

2. Mosquitoes dominate the air, so bring lots of bug spray. And then bring double than what you think you need. And then bring anti-itch cream because you WILL get bit.

3.a. You’re gonna live in your sweat. Get over it. It’s not if you’re sweating, but how much.

3.b. You’re gonna sweat. Wear neutral colors or else everyone will see how sweaty you are.

4.a. Have an adventurous attitude and be open to trying new things. We’re same same but different.

4.b. Be open to the food, culture, and humidity.

5. Bring someone with an innate sense of direction.

6. Become buddy-buddy with an English-speaking tuk-tuk driver.

7. Prices are not set, so don’t be afraid to haggle until the price is right.

8. Chocolate banana smoothies and shakes will become your new best friend.

9. Watch out for bones in your meat.

10. Don’t put the toilet paper in the toilet. Don’t do it!

11. It’s rains. It POURS. You’re going to be soaked. Don’t bother bringing a rain coat because you’ll get hot. And put everything you carry with you in plastic bags.

12. Ear plugs might be a good idea. A lot of noise at unnecessary times of the late night and early morning.

13. If you have a super-sensory sense of smell, good luck because 95% of the smells are rather unpleasant.

14. Learn some basic, key words in Khmer.

15. If you hate bugs, get over it…or they will get over you.

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