12 Hour Layover, Part 2: Reflecting on God’s Presence

Throughout our entire trip (before, during, after) God has been SO present. Here are just a few ways we have seen God working:

  • Our Team:  Brianna and Rachael joined our team partway through training after the trip to Vietnam was cancelled. There was also Nikky, who joined us from the Asian Hope offices in Denver. We all worked very well together. God undeniably had a hand in creating this team, and we are all so grateful for each other. When we think of our team, the verse John 13:35 comes to mind, which says, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”
  • Welcome Help From Strangers: We were so blessed by the other Summer School Teachers who were teaching in the Asian Hope Organization who came through Teach Overseas. For One, the provided much needed encouragement and advice about how to manage our classrooms and ideas for lesson plans. Secondly, They helped alleviate some of the burden of  planning the VBS, and were reliable in completing tasks to prepare for them, which provided our team with much needed rest, particularly in the last two weeks when we taught swim for four hours after teaching all morning. We have no doubt that they directly contributed to the success of the VBS, as well as our team moral through encouragement provided.
  • God in the Classrooms: Although Asian Hope is a Christian School, only about ten percent of students who attend them are actually christian when they begin. As students progress in the Schools, they are mentored and cared for by Christian Teachers whose ultimate goal is to spread the love of Christ to these children. This Results in compassionate care, which has kingdom impacting results. It was an honor for us to be a part of this this summer, and a joy to love on kiddos who were our students.
  • God in the Cambodian Church: There is much heartbreak and tragedy in Cambodia. This stems not only from the horrific events of the Pol Pot Regime, but huge wealth disparity, dark spirituality, and poor health and nutrition. We reflected in an earlier post that the Cambodian Church is small but full of hope and perseverance.  The Christians are full of determination to demonstrate the love of Christ and to spread the gospel. We ask that you join us in continued prayer for the people in Cambodia who are doing God’s work.
  • God Answers Prayers: Throughout our time in Cambodia, we often posted prayer request, be it safe travels, health concerns, or energy. For those of you who prayed, thank you so much. God definitely heard the prayers and answered them. Although there were times where we did not feel 100%, or that we were exhausted, Overall we remained healthy, safe, and focused.

We still have one (or two) more legs of our journey, Andrea and Money are getting ready to board their final flight from South Korea to LAX. Rachael and Brianna fly to Seattle, and from there they catch flights to Portland and Denver. Please continue to pray for safe travels.

We would also appreciate prayer as we transition back into life in the United States, that it would not be too difficult, but that we would remember our experiences in Cambodia and apply them to our daily lives at home.

Lastly, Thank You SOOOOOOOO much for all of your support, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. We have had an incredible time, and we are so grateful that you have walked alongside us in this journey.

Stay Classy Phnom Penh.


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